Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ABC Wednesday—O is for "over home"

The house on the left was my maternal
grandparents'; the one on the right
was my great-grandparents' (and where my
grandmother grew up).  It was always
referred to as "over home"—as in "Where are
going?"  Oh, I'm just going over home."

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    1. Nice story. It’s good to have memories with a physically persistent quality. My earliest neighborhood had houses of that style, and thus about the same age, with the tongue-and-groove wood siding and faux Greek columns. There were natural gas petcocks throughout our house for the no-longer-connected gas supply for lamps and stoves, so the house predated widespread use of electricity. But fifty years ago the neighborhood went the way of most of L.A.

      Just think, if they survive three more years those El Maveh New houses of your ancestors will be a century old.

  2. The house on the right looks like a lot of the housing stock in Schenectady, NY


  3. Lovely houses and a sweet story.


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