Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On the street where you live . . .

If you're Melania and Barron Trump, that is.
The side entrance of Trump Tower is
just up this street.  Is it wrong of me to be 
annoyed/sad/angry that this is even necessary?

[Linking back to Our World Tuesday.]


  1. So that’s what upwards of $125,000 a day looks like. It’s like looking into the soul of its beneficiary. With all his untold (literally) billions Mr. Moneybags could easily pay for security himself. Another example of “ME” first at the expense of we taxpayers. Not only does he not care about American citizens, he has nothing but contempt for us; except for those times he might need a few votes.

    But to answer your question, any aware, thinking and feeling person would have to agree with you. I certainly do.

  2. I concur with your emotions on 2 accounts:
    1. the need for such extensive security
    2. the financial waste
    Sadly, I think that this level of surveillance would probably be necessary for the families of all current day Presidents, but perhaps this particular cost would not be incurred If Trump's wife and son were living in The White House.

  3. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, I would think not!

  4. No, your emotions are perfectly in order as is your cognition. This is a sad photo of our era.


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