Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ABC Wednesday—P is for "people"

and also for "pink."  All these folks were at the
botanic garden this past weekend —and
this was shortly before closing time.  One of my
kids remarked that Brooklyn is getting
to be a bit too popular.

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  1. 花見!

    I think I might prefer the wide-open spaces of your garden compared to other less-local gardens in spring.

    1. That will be this coming weekend, TG—when they hold their annual Sakura Matsuri Festival.

    2. Almost wish I could be there.

      It’s strange. For some reason I was thinking this was a view from your place. The high vantage point, looking down from... Then I realized it must have been taken from someplace like here.

      If you were expecting fewer people near closing time, I can see why the remaining crowds could be a disappointment.

    3. That's the exact spot. (I know I say the BBG is my "backyard," but not literally, of course; it's actually about 3 blocks from my house).

    4. But still, Grand Army Plaza can look pretty botanical.

  2. I love gardens much more then people... so that garden empty would be a place for me ;-0


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