Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Did you vote?

This billboard was parked in front of Tiffany's
on Fifth Avenue, on the same block
as the Trump Building.
I doubt that he would want this there.
  The SOS is spelled out with hands (though
not especially small ones).  
Still, I don't think it
was created by any
 of his supporters.
BTW, just to get past the building I had to
deal with crowds, barricades, and police with guns,
large dogs, and a nasty attitude.  I can't wait
for this election to be over.

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday,  Our World Tuesday,
and Monday Mural at Oakland Daily Photo.]


  1. Yes, I will be glad to get past this election, too.

  2. I'm waiting for it to be over, but no matter who wins, in some way it's going to be just the beginning..... :(

  3. Thanks for the timely image. After the election, we get to experience the post-election acrimony. Oy! Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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