Sunday, November 20, 2016

inSPIREd Sunday

This 17th-century angel Gabriel (by
Gian Lorenzo Bernini!)
lives in l'eglise 

de Saint Bruno, Bordeaux's first baroque 
church, built in 1611.

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the world, go here.]


  1. I like how the wing emerges into the light from the shadow of the niche. Makes me wish even more light could take flight these days.

    And, oh my. Having recognized him from your photo, when I saw him here I felt like I had spotted a celebrity right amongst our midst.

    Glad to see he hasn’t reached down to pick up his trumpet for a final blow, yet.

    1. BTW, TG, his father, Pietro, did the madonna on the other side of the altar—which means that GL would have been very young (say, 20?) when he sculpted his Gabriel.

    2. Thank you. I knew nothing of your information about his father’s work, and age then.

      From their sculptures being together like this it looks like they may have still been doing business as Bernini Père & Fils.

      Only twenty, yet the creator of the Baroque style of sculpture already had more than a dozen years of experience as a renowned artist (as is evident).

  2. A very impressive artwork. Sculpture is a great art.

  3. Lovely. Wonder what I would do if the Angel Gabriel showed up. Probably tremble.


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