Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"hair"

I may not have a lot of hair (perpetual
pixie cut)—
but my daughters definitely do
(thanks to those good Sicilian genes
from their father's side of the family, probably)!

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Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. Cute: Sicilian genes. I like the photo. Beautiful curly hair she has!

  2. Lovely hair that lady has... reminds me of my days I had such long blond hair... (now short and gray)

  3. Gorgeous hair and I love the shot of you taking a photo of her taking a photo.

  4. Your side can take credit for the nice butt.

  5. Wow. Dante Gabriel Rossetti could not do justice to that hair.

    Déjà vu si voulez vous

    What is Lila carrying in that padded black bag she is carrying? A musical instrument? Martial arts weapons? A rolled up flying carpet? I’m stumped.

    1. It’s too thin to be a rolled-up yoga mat, I think.

      A scabbard?

  6. Beautiful, full hair! I am so ready for the pixie cut after almost 2 years of growing for locks of love. Still not there.


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