Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trinity Churchyard

Trinity Church is down on lower Broadway

(at Wall St.).  The current building is
the third one, built in 1846.  (Its spire was the
highest point in NYC until 1890.)
Among the people buried here in the churchyard are 
Robert Fulton, Albert Gallatin (the founder of 
NYU), and Alexander Hamilton—Founding Father, 
bad shot, and current pop-culture icon.

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  1. A beautiful photo of a lovely place.

  2. The spires of commerce forever hide the spires of faith. Nice capture and backstory.

  3. nice capture of this lovely church.

  4. With John Watts statue back there. Moments ago I noticed an illustration from the November 19, 1870 Harper’s Weekly with a bird’s-eye view of New York showing a conception of Brooklyn Bridge, and Trinity’s spire can be seen on the right. It is by far the tallest structure in the area.

  5. Never knew there old churches like that in New York

  6. Oh wow! That would be so neat to see Alexander Hamilton's grave. Too bad about that duel though (re: your note about him being a bad shot!)


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