Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekend Reflections

This is the lobby of a certain building
on Fifth Avenue that's owned by
a certain candidate for higher office.
I never thought I'd have anything positive
to say about him, but I have to admit:
His floors are very clean!

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  1. Paul McCartney said it better than ever I could.

    That floor is a gorgeous reflection of, not necessarily on.

    “Grandfather” was 18 years younger (then 52 years old), at that filming; than the other guy mentioned is now.

  2. Not only did you find a great reflection, but I got a good laugh out of your comment. Keep up the good work.

  3. You made my day. Thank you!!

  4. Very cool reflection and it's even better when enlarged! Hopefully he'll keep the White House floors just as clean. ;-)

  5. A nice play of colour and light. BTW the whole world is waiting with interest for the outcome!

  6. How very nice of you to have such a kind comment about a certain candidate's establishment. Pretty sure it is an employee that does the lobor ; ) Love the photo.

  7. I have to wonder how many people go for a tumble on that floor and whether a certain someone occasionally looks at the security video of the foyer for self-amusement purposes... but there, I'm being uncharitable. :)

  8. Clean and very shiny. The color just pops.

  9. super reflection...and I love the blurry street activity

  10. Great reflection! Now if only the candidates were that clean, although I highly doubt any amount of water and wax could help them.;)


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