Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The BFG?

More sculpture:  This is Tom Friedman's 

30-foot-tall stainless-steel work, 
"Looking Up."  It's been here on the Park Avenue 
median since January, but is scheduled
to come down this month.

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  1. It certainly is big and, as it turns out, attempting to be eco friendly. And, it did once, some time ago, serve as a pinch hitter for another statue here among Giants

    I’m surprised that this work has something in common with yesterday’s. This artist also was inspired to use everyday objects. In this case, “crushed aluminum foil roasting-pans” in its construction.

    One can’t help but think of Alberto Giacometti in 1960.

    It’s just as well that the sculpture will be removed soon: before backwoods fishermen become too attracted to and too much of a nuisance in the area. Looking Up, surely has a huge crick in its neck.

  2. i have to go see this & Van Gogh's Ear too!

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  4. It definitely makes me think ET go home.

  5. Hello Alexa, What an amazing work of art in aluminum. I love the looking up posture.

    Yes, I am pretty sure the linky problems are over. Thank you, I admit it was a challenge for me. Smile.

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for linking and commenting.

  6. That is tall! The post title caught my eye because the great-grands just told us all about seeing the BFG movie. The nine year old said "but the book was better' which made me smile! I would rather see "your" giant than the movie myself ))


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