Monday, March 28, 2016

past their prime

Left over from a dinner party more than a week ago:
If I touch them, they'll disintegrate, but I can't
bring myself to toss them just yet.  
Anyone else strangely
to dead flowers?

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  1. Yellow-rose adorned
    The dinner party has flown
    Sere-rose remembered

    I wrote a haiku close to half a century ago, but just now rewrote it:

    Tumbling from my palm
    These dried orchids, once so dear,
    Sting my eyes like dust

  2. Oh, yes, especially when they trigger old memories. I have a small pitcher of dried roses from bouquets received over the years, among them my retirement party 8 years ago. But then, there comes a time to send them to the dust bin. 😌


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