Saturday, March 5, 2016

each light a prayer

. . . a good thought, an intention, a 
a memorial, a thanksgiving, or 
whatever it may be.  These were left in the church 
of Santa Maria in Trastevere, in Rome.

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  2. One can look at this from a couple almost scientific bases: First, there is the butterfly effect from chaos theory: The smallest, most subtle cause can ultimately have monumental effects. And second, by considering quantum entanglement: “Spooky action at a distance.” And, yes, the greatest positivity of an impetus, such as a prayer, does not prevent it, at times, from being completely overwhelmed by swirling negativity. As well as the opposite: positivity vanquishing negativity. But look here at the good intentions of the worshippers at Santa Maria and how they are being conveyed to we who feel such joy at the image above.

    So, yeah, let’s have more light. Although, here and now, your image will suffice. Yet, I must say, I really like the blacker-than-black black. What would light be without such darkness?

  3. A balance of light and dark such as above has my head slowly spinning and shifting with thoughts such as this.

  4. This is beautiful. Great contrast, a gentle glow around the flames, and clear detail of the grids.

  5. A beautiful image, well chosen in B&W!


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