Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dancing boy

Came across this photo recently.  It was taken by
my brother David when he and I were living in Morocco
briefly in the early '70s.  Our fave café in Tangier
was on the rooftop of a building deep in the
heart of the medina:  Abducadah's Dancing Boy Café.
Not sure any more if that was the real name or
just what we called it because of this kid (who, if he's still
around, will be about 55 years old now).

Back then, I wavered between "cute" and "creepy."

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  1. Some special training is must for that..I think so.

  2. He must have been practise that for a long time :)..great shot!


  3. Most unusual slice of history. That boy must have grown up to a completely different life.

  4. Oh what an interesting story. Glad you found this old photo and shared it with us.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. Ha! Let Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker try this while balancing a tea service on his head.

    David’s photo looks much like a painting. Perhaps one by Eugène Giraud.

    I also wonder about that tree. It does look like a regular there with its own stool kindly supplied. Or was it just passing through?


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