Saturday, July 5, 2014

My favorite stoop . . .

in my "brownstone Brooklyn" neighborhood.
I don't live in a brownstone myself, but if I did 
I would want my stoop to be as colorful and
welcoming as this one.  There's a woman
who often occupies that chair on the
top step; she tends this garden—and enjoys it.

[Linking back to Pink Saturday.]


  1. I like those brownstone houses, so typical New York. This one is very colourful with all the plants.

  2. I'd love to live in that brownstone, too!! It's lovely! HPS!! Dana

  3. Beautiful! The brownstones of New York have wonderful character. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I do love the brownstones, they do say "New York" to me. The garden is lovely.

  5. Lucky woman.
    Looks welcoming and very pretty.
    I have never heard "brownstone Brooklyn" ...... but it is a good name for the type of buildings in the area.


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