Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ABC Wednesday—B is for place de la Bastille

. . . where you'll find the Colonne de Juillet,
put here where the Bastille once stood
to commemorate the July 1830 Revolution.  
It's topped by "The Spirit of Freedom"—
in one hand he holds a torch, in the other
the remains of his broken chains.
I was surprised to learn that there is a
columbarium in the base of the column that holds 
the remains of 615 victims of the revolution.

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  1. Yes, Bastille Day has just passed!

  2. Great info and perfect B entry♪

  3. The golden spirit of freedom on the dark column is striking as indeed is the thought of a columbarium in the base giving even more significance to the monument. .
    Joy - ABC Team

  4. Gold never gets old :)


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