Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ABC Wednesday—Z is for "zodiac"

. . . as seen in the famous timepiece in Piazza San Marco's
clock tower; it displays the time of day, phases of
the moon, and the current sign of the zodiac.

I can't see what tells you the 
time on the 24-hour clock, but can see 
that when I took these pictures
the sun should have been in Libra. 

 I checked and it was (October 2, 2008).

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  1. What a beautiful zodiac! Instead of "Thank you", I say in Dutch:"dank je!" We hope that you will come back in the next round!

    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. That's astonishingly beautiful. I love the blue background (and the blue details on the tower).

  3. Oh magnificent take. That is a Time piece. A real keeper take.

  4. What an amazing clock !
    ABC Team

  5. the blue and gold are LOVELY!

  6. Such lovely detail. I can't quite tell the time either.

  7. it's absolutely beautiful...

    abcw team

  8. I would say that the time shown is 11:45. There is a "digital clock" above the semi-circular balcony, with the hour (in Roman numerals) on the left and the minutes (in what are conventionally called Arabic numerals) on the right. Only '45' can be seen in the photo. The minutes change only every 5 minutes, which is why it's not a digital clock in the usual sense. The single hand (with the sun on it) shows the time. It is pointing between XI and XII, but nearer to XII.
    There are a lot of astronomical clocks illustrated here: The largest one in the world is in Cremona, and the second largest is in Oslo.


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