Monday, June 30, 2014

You lookin' at me?

My friends and I were relaxing on their deck
and were joined by a baby praying mantis.  I popped
a closeup lens on my phone, but when I tried
to take the picture the mantis jumped onto the phone!
(This picture was taken with my regular camera.)

Eventually, I coaxed it into letting me 
snap this shot with the closeup lens.
(Working with insects takes patience!)

[Linking back to Macro Monday and i heart macro.]


  1. they are beautiful little creatures.

  2. The lighting makes the head appear almost translucent.

  3. Such a cute little guy! I didn't know what he was sitting on until I read that it was a lens you put on your camera. I'm impressed by that since I only text with my phone :)

  4. Fantastic makro shots!! Absolutely great!!


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