Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a beer and a kir

. . . and some cacahuettes—and an ashtray (!)
Well, this is Paris, and I'd be willing to put up
with some secondhand smoke if I could be
walking (not long) distance from this café terrace.

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  1. A beer and a kir sounds perfect. There was also a time when the cigarette would've been perfect too!

  2. Great photo! Oh to be sitting in a Paris cafe on a sunny June day. I'll put up with the ashtray (well I would move it to another table).

  3. Details of red in this shot - very nice!

  4. I would too!
    & I love this perfect still life you've captured.

  5. I'd just ignore the ashtray!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  6. In Paris a few years ago, we had to flee a cafe because of the smoke and sit at a table outside in the rain. Fortunately there was an umbrella!

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  7. Great shot! I can not stand being around cigarette smoke..


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