Friday, October 18, 2013

What's missing here?

Let's see.  Fringed handlebars: check.
Studded leather saddlebags: check.  Hell's
Angels/biker-chick bandana: check. 

Major attitude: check and check.  Hmmm . . .
Oh, right—no helmet.
But 10 years ago Pennsylvania amended its
mandatory helmet law, so this over-21 rider 
is under no obligation.  Seems insane to 
me though.  How about you?

[Meanwhile, Orange You Glad It's Friday?]


  1. Yes, this is definitely insane.

    Years ago I was riding my bicycle with Ian tucked into his seat on the back, with his helmet on, and when I passed a man who asked me, "where is Mommy's helmet? " I realized, Oh my gosh he is so right. I went out and got a helmet that very day & have worn it every time I go cycling since that kind man cared enough to show his concern.

    This is a really neat picture though Alexa.
    : )

  2. You are right about the helmet. They can save lives and avoid serious head injury, but South Dakota will never pass a helmet law so long as we have the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Survival of the fittest?

  3. Helmet! I know someone who rode without it. He had an accident and bumped his head. He suffered from amnesia; thanks to therapy he got his memory back.

  4. Hopefully the bright orange helps others see the rider...but I wouldn't count on it! My Orange:


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