Thursday, October 10, 2013

Skywatch Friday

One afternoon this week, NYC was under a
tornado watch.  The view from my office
looked like a rerun of the IMAX film I saw
at the Museum of Natural History.

[To see more Skywatch, go here.] 


  1. Wow - how very dramatic and gorgeous.

  2. Incredible shot, and such an angry looking sky... I think I would be grabbing my stuff and heading home!

  3. I heard about the tornado watch on the news early this week but as they say "your picture is worth a thousand words" to paraphrase a bit!
    Great capture of the stormy sky. I have a lot of friend in NYC this week visiting Comic Con at Javits and their posts are full of rainy photos waiting in line .

  4. What an ominous sky, glowering over the city. I makes me think of the movie Ghostbusters.

  5. Nice angry sky!
    Greeting from Belgium
    Have a nice day without clouths

    blog Louisette

  6. I'm waiting for the Mothership to appear! ;) Very dramatic, Alexa ~ a beautiful capture. Bon weekend, ma chère.

  7. Wonderful aerial view of the city.

  8. you have an AMAZING view!
    this is so cool.

  9. Totally awesome image!! Has an HDR quality [but not overdone]. Whatever the post-processing procedure, kudos!!


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