Monday, July 15, 2013

The Local Art Scene

There are still plenty of art galleries in Soho
(though there are probably more in
West Chelsea now), but they're kind of picky
about whose art they choose to show.
So plenty of artists sell their work on the street.
Some of it's pretty good and some it . . . well,
I'm no judge really.  But I hope they find some
customers among the many thousands of people
clogging Soho's streets on any given weekend.

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  1. Nice sunny, summer colors! I love to see art on the streets! We have found some great up and coming artists that way!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Since you seem like you may like maps....check out the work of artist S. St John

  2. I like that piece -- and your photo.

  3. where there's a will, there's a way!

  4. I do like the art work and I liek the composition of your photograph with the vertical of the building reflected in the tree. The whole image is so fresh and like to go there and look around.
    Thank you for sharing your image on Mandarin Orange Monday and also thank you for your supportive comment:)


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