Monday, July 22, 2013

How do you like me now?

Imagine if men went to these lengths to
impress women—who, following the example
of the peahen, wouldn't have to try at all.
Actually, with humans, it seems to
work the other way around most of the time.

(Thanks to my daughter Katie for letting me borrow
this pic of a California peacock trying to get a date.)

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  1. I love your look a lot. Stunning feathers!

  2. What's not to like?

    (I posted your photo for you.)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Alexa!

  3. I can't help but stare whenever I see one of these dazzling beauties!

    Blue Riversong of Holiness

  4. What a lovely shot of the peacock. I did not know that was what they were doing when spreading their feathers.

  5. love the close up details and its beautiful!

  6. I'd fall for him....fancy dude.

  7. Fair thought. I'm sure a lot of women enjoy taking a day off.


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