Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Reflections

Closing the show at last night's celebration
for the opening of the brand new
Museum of African-American History, in
Washington, D.C.:  Stevie Wonder!

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  1. Is this a photo you took yourself? ’Cause this is monumental. ”Stevie Wonder in the key of Alexa.” Just the lighting makes this photo look solarized. And look at those reflections in his glasses! How did you do that? Not only is that the most appropriate Stevie Wonder reflection ever but the black keys look kind of like eyelashes.

    1. Cannot tell a lie: I would LOVE to have been there in person, but in fact I took this with my phone of Stevie on my TV.

  2. It is a FABULOUS image of an incomparable, brilliant musician. Wonderful reflection!

  3. He has always been a grew showman. Hats off to Stevie Wonder. This is a great photo of him.

  4. I love the keyboard reflecting in his eyes.

  5. The photo is phantastic. Also your idea to take it from TV!

  6. That was one amazing presentation last night. I was with Gary if you were there.

  7. super reflection. One of the best I have ever seen!!

  8. Very cool reflection! At first I was thinking that you must have had a very good seat or a very good lens. :-)


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