Sunday, January 15, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

Another view of the Cathédrale Saint-André,
in Bordeaux—which I've shown
before, here and here. It's probably not
the last time, either, because I took
55 pictures while I was here (and all in the
space of 10 minutes; we arrived
just before it closed for a few hours).

[To see more churches from around the world, go here.]


  1. Quite a storybook image. Although this postdates her one can really imagine Eleanor of Aquitaine and friends experiencing this scene. It is interesting how you have the soaring spire(s) below and subservient to the flying buttress. This looks a little like a cubist interpretation of an ancient Roman architectural mural. Another one for a published photo book. Did I mention that I like it? It is a pleasure to run one eyes over and around.

  2. Nice catch. I remember Escher's stairs.
    I hope to see more pictures of this beautiful cathedral.

  3. Had to laugh at the Escher comment. Yes, this shot does remind me of his stairs. When creativity strikes, go for it. Doesn't matter how many pictures you shoot in 15 minutes.

  4. Got to say I agree with every one else on this photo, it's great

  5. What a beautiful architectural details


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