Monday, May 2, 2016

What would George Washington Carver think . . .

of this?  The peanutmobile was parked out
in front of my office building recently. 

And they sent some cupcakes up to us.
Don't be fooled by the blue icing—
it tasted like . . . peanuts, of course.

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  1. Nice peanut bus !! Wouldn't it be nice if buses looked like fruit, vegetables etc ? ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, peanut tasting icing, I'd eat that right up. Wish I catch a ride around NYC on the peanut bus, lol. I'm new following, straight from Georgia, where peanuts is "king", lol. Glad you shared at Blue Monday.

  3. Another vehicle that I have never seen. I dearly love and eat a lot of parched peanuts daily.

  4. Hmm. Peanuts. Kind of makes me feel like dancing.

  5. that blue icing looks delectable. I imagine it to be like peanut butter only fluffier & sweeter.

  6. I wish the peanutmobile would park in front of my house. Yum! :-)

  7. Hi Alexa, The peanut mobile is amazing. What will they think of next. Blue icing does not turn me on but I do love peanuts.
    Thanks for joining Blue Monday.


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