Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Weekend in Black and White

come back
believer in shade
believer in silence and elegance
believer in ferns
believer in patience
believer in the rain

—W.S. Merwin, from The Rain in the Trees, 1988

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  1. Last week I went camping. The nicest part of the campground was the nearby “enchanted fern garden.” So ferns have been on my mind. I later thought that the swelling and itching on the back of my hand was poison oak but more likely it was an insect bite. All is well now.

    Looking at other Merwin quotes I saw this: “We are not born to survive. Only to live.”

  2. This is superb! Delicate, yet with a strong design, and the light is beautiful.

  3. Young ferns just emerging for spring. Perfect image for the season.


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