Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day

In France on the 1st of May, people offer
each other un brin de muguet, a sprig of my favorite
flower, lily of the valley.  This is the last
bouquet of these sweet little blooms
that I picked from my mother's garden before
it was destroyed four years ago by
Hurricane Sandy.  (I kept this bouquet; it hardly
looks like this now, but I still can't
bring myself to part with it.)

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  1. Oh, how nice. It was in my bridal bouquet, 25 years ago

  2. Hi Alexa. So sad to read about your mother's garden. I wouldn't be able to part with this bouquet either, as lily of the valley is a favorite of mine also, and with its history, a real treasure. A lovely French tradition giving them on the 1st of May. Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers. Your participation is very much appreciated:)


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