Friday, April 1, 2016

A slice of blue

This is not "big sky" country.  Here, you
what you can between the tall buildings
and Con Ed's ubiquitous steam vents.

[To see more skies worldwide,
visit Skywatch Friday.] 


  1. This is an iconic NYC photo with the Chrysler building in the background. Always loved the Art Deco look of that building. You did get lots of blue sky.

  2. Cool view of the towers and sky! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Ah, one of my favourite pointy-topped-doodads, ma chere !! Bisous.

  4. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: We are all crammed into Manhattan but some of us, when we can find it, are looking up toward what might possibly be the sky.

    An oft observed phenomenon in Tokyo can be expressed by the verbal utterance engendered by it: “Oh, look, the star is out.” There only ever being but a single star, at most, visible in the bright-grey, urban-light-bleached, air-polluted night sky. One might say that in our case we were all in the gutter but some, such as I, were looking up at the only star, if it happened to be visible through the muck and glare at the time.


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