Sunday, April 10, 2016

pansies for sale

I don't have any outdoor space for planting,
but I once bought a flat of pansies like
these for a little windowsill garden.  Didn't
quite work out though—it turned out
my cat Buddy liked the pansies
even more than I did.

[Linking back to Today's Flowers at
An English Girl Rambles.]


  1. Such beautiful little flowers !!

  2. The story of Buddy liking the pansies more than you made me smile. They make a beautiful display, a lovely photograph. Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers Alexa, and I wish you a very happy Sunday :). Buddy also :)

  3. It was lovely seeing Buddy again, ma chere. Such a sweet little fellow. Lucky I've never tried planting pansies in pots here or Ella might have acquired a taste for them, too.


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