Thursday, July 6, 2017

dinner and a rainbow

 July 4th weekend:  Went out to collect
our dinner and came
 back with
a definite bonus.  I saw by
 friends posting
on Instagram that this storm

made its way up the East Coast and
left rainbows wherever it went.

[Linking back to signs, signs and Skywatch Friday.]


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  2. Yum. Kind of looks like that rainbow is the rim of a giant lobster tail platter. Not surprisingly, the place looks like it lives up to your stupendous image. Definitely a pot at the end of that rainbow. My tastebuds would surely prefer what Fish & Fancy would have in store for them rather than some lepre-conman-ish pot of yellow, glittering, metallic stuff with NO flavor.

  3. I guess the rainbow could be considered dessert :)

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