Thursday, July 27, 2017

16 October

This sign, in Rome's ex-ghetto, honors
the 2,091 Jews who were picked
up there on that day in 1943 and taken
 to Nazi extermination camps.  
It's hanging on a wall next to a structure that
was built in the year 2 B.C.—
 thought-provoking juxtaposition.

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  1. On a more upbeat note, within sight of these plaques, among other Jewish restaurants, there is Nonna Betta where you can click right in and check out their frescoes, or even check out Anthony Bourdain eating their Jewish artichokes.

    They Jewish people in this area of Rome are not just an agonizing memory, they remain in the area as a living presence. It is those who persecuted them who are gone.

    1. Good (and gratifying) point, TG. (This time, I had my carciofi alla Giuda at Il Giardino Romano.)

    2. Wow. The restaurants are next to each other. It looks like you made a good choice.

  2. It makes me sad, but we must remember and I'm glad the sign is there to help with that memory. Sadly and unbelievably to me here in my country I am afraid many voters have forgotten.

  3. Wow! 2 BC is a long time ago. What a sad history here.

  4. I like Tall Gary's point - good to know that some lives live on.
    But we must still remember...

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