Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ABC Wednesday—B is for "brides"

One afternoon when I was in Rome this
past May, I encountered four
bridal parties—but there were five brides!

Later that night, I passed by 
wedding reception in full 
swing and a 6th bride—who knows 
how to party (and pose).

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  1. Wonderfull ladies... hope they all are as happy as can be.

    Lovely choice for this weeks letter! Just lucky you to meet this opportunity ;-)

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / -week
    Melody (team ABC-W)

  2. Such fun! Who doesn't love a wedding?

    abcw team

  3. A beautiful place to get married. I went to my friend's wedding here this past weekend. These Seattle Wedding venues are beautiful, one of the nicest locations for a wedding I've ever been. The ceremony was very nice and felt very intimate.


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