Monday, July 27, 2015

Tour de France

I left Paris the day before the exciting
finish of this year's Tour de France, so I didn't
get to see the riders pedaling up the

Champs Elysées or this year's winner in the
yellow jersey.  But I got the general 
idea when I visited this toy store last Friday.

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  1. Sorry you missed the T de F in Paris. It was glorious watching it on TV. What a great toy store photo. Think I could spend some money in there. Their prices don't seem high.

  2. You managed to make me feel like I am right there at Froome’s vroom-vroom victory.

    It appears that one of the spectators we see just couldn't let it go and remained by the Arc de Triomphe until nearly nightfall.

  3. pity you left before the ride finished.Watched the TV news,

  4. That's rather adorable, dear Alexa !!


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