Saturday, July 18, 2015

Le Weekend en Noir et Blanc

I don't know exactly when this building was built,

but these ladies have probably been holding 
that balcony up for a couple of centuries.  First rule of
strolling around Paris with a camera: Remember to look up!

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  1. I wish it were easy to move to Paris. If it were, I'd go in a second.

  2. That section of la rue d’Assas (where is No. 20) has been open since 1798. A couple of centuries is a good guess. The Catholic University of Paris across the street offers French language courses for independent adults. It looks like apartments in the building above go for aroundish €12,000 m2. But look at the attentive concierge service you could have right outside your window.

  3. So beautiful! Wonderful detail, and I love the balcony ironwork too.

  4. Your black and white photo is a beauty with two beauties.


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