Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paris Plage

This shot was taken well after the sun
had set (which is at about 10:30 at night—so
not a lot of little kids up and enjoying
Paris Plage at that hour) . . .

but still quite a few (mainly young)

people making the most of this
temporary beach set up by the city,
this year along the quais on the Right Bank
west of the Marais and east of the Louvre.

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  1. You had me completely fooled with the bright “sunshine” in the top photo.

    Parisian kids being somewhat precocious I wonder if those sand pails are about ready to be used for this.

    The guy on the left on the bottom made me think of Eric Tenin, in glancing.

    I couldn’t help checking out some YouTubes of this year’s Paris Plage. It looked some dancers were enjoying doing the Lindy Hop.

    Thanks for the vicarious fun.

    1. Sorry I missed the Lindy Hoppers. (And the Eric Tenin doppelgänger is my brother!)

    2. I think it must be really great that you could serve as guide for your brother and sister-in-law. It is so easy when visiting different cultures to view things from one’s own cultural blinders. But with you there to explain and enlighten they must have appreciated Paris much more on its own terms. In fact, your brother seems to be looking with open, curious eyes.

      I liked Paris Plages 2015 Lindy Hop 4 also. It seemed a good “American” vs “European” contrast with the one above. You can see the other couple in the background.

    3. Excuse me while I ignore the rather un-PC costumes and just admire the dancing—wow!

    4. One of the dancers, Norma Miller, is still alive and trucking’ at the age of 95. Series of oral history clips from five years ago at the bottom here.

  2. Looks like a fun beach and an unusual place! Great shot, have a happy day!

  3. What a fun beach pic! Now I live far from the beach (used to live 20 min. away from the ocean) it means more to me. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. The temporary beach seems quite popular by night. What a creative idea.

  5. It's such a beautiful spot for it. And as I'm a pain when it comes to being in the sun {and wanting to avoid it !}, this kind of beach is especially my cup of rose petal tea. Bisous, ma chère.


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