Tuesday, November 5, 2013

autumn in miniature

The trees around here took their sweet time
going from green to yellow/orange/red—but this
bonsai on display at the New York Botanical Garden
got with the program in a more timely fashion.

[It's Ruby Tuesday.  To see more, go here.]


  1. These trees always fill me with a bit of wonder. Lovely!

  2. Love the tree, but I have a feeling that the building in the background is spectacular. Happy RT.

  3. Awesome, luv bonsai; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  4. it looks like all the colors are happening at once here. How lovely!
    everywhere else, they did seem to take their time, didn't they?

  5. DrillerAA09: It is! It was the setting also for (among other things) the Chrysanthemum Festival in my previous post.


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