Friday, June 14, 2013

One World Trade Center

The spire is up and one of the two cranes is now down
(last weekend, I saw pieces of it on huuuge flatbed trucks
along the length of several blocks).  It's worth hanging in for
a 30-second ad to see this footage of the last piece of
the spire being put in place last month—unless you're
acrophobic, in which case better skip it).

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  1. That is so beautiful...the buildings and the perfect photo.

  2. I was so lucky to be in New York last month and saw the spire. It is a wonderful building.

  3. Good shot - the video, albeit short, is amazing!

  4. Wow, looks almost futuristic. Exciting buildings!

  5. The particular blue of this sky reflecting on the steel is so soft and so pretty... Nuce one.

  6. A fantastic building and a great photo.

  7. Fantastic shot, love the reflections!


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