Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"weather"

A couple of weeks ago on a mildly overcast
(or so it seemed) day, I started over the 

Brooklyn Bridge on my way home—and by the 
time I was halfway across, the sky looked like this! 
(P.S. -- I did just make it off the bridge and
to shelter before the deluge began.)

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  1. Beautiful perspective of the bridge!

  2. This is quite a stunning shot with that definite line between light and dark in the sky. Altogether it gives a feeling of claustrophobia.

    Violet at promptings 2

  3. this is gorgeous! I love how the flag is lit up & the colors overall are exquisite Alexa.
    We have been having some deluges lately eh?

  4. Haunting, beautiful shot of the bridge.


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