Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ABC Wednesday—R is for "robbery!"

Somewhere in Boise, Idaho, there's a comfy little
squirrel who lined her nest with purloined
prayer flags from my brother's garden.  And for 

the sake of good karma, we let her get away with it.
(Besides, how cute is that?)

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  1. Alexa, first time here, thanks to ABC. Talk about good karma, and good on you for now spoiling the little guy's fun. Plus it made for a great couplet of pictures. Sweeeeet! Amy

  2. Fun photos!
    We've had a few experiences with Boise squirrels, too. One little guy stole all the small pumpkins I had out on the front step. I caught him eating the last one on top of the porch roof.

  3. Oh, lovely!! very generous of you.

    R is for...

  4. stop, thief!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Well why not...a little thief needs some prayer.. HaHa. That's adorable. We have cousins in Boise. Loved our visit there last year.

  6. What a cheeky chap, but cute. Guess we all need prayers.

  7. yes, I must admit,VERY cute! Lol!

  8. We have a few pesky squirrels who like to "borrow" from us too. I don't think I would have bothered him on this one either. Such a darling post.

  9. Oh her nest is going to be GLORIOUS!!! Good for her going for what she wants.

  10. This positively adorable!


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