Thursday, March 28, 2013

Theme Thursday—complex

There's nothing simple about this large quartz crystal,
just one item in the American Museum of Natural History's
vast collection of gems (3,700 and almost all on display)
and minerals (90,000 and there's no way
they can show you all of those—but what's out there
is pretty amazing, as you can see).

[To see more that's complex, visit Mrsupole's meme.]


  1. I love crystals of all kinds. People can laugh at me if they want, but I truly believe they embody energies.

  2. How spectacular! My dad would be like a kid in a lolly shop in amongst their collection, Alexa.

  3. only nature can make and understand the complexity of chrystals. enjoyed the picture..brought back many memories of the days my parents dug them out of the deserts of the south...

  4. Oh wow this is beautiful =)

  5. Crystals are truly one of natures beauties and definitely a very complex rock. Actually I think most rocks are complex. But these almost remind me of the corral reefs that you see in the ocean, another one of natures most complex "rocks".

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture that truly show what complex things can be for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a fun and complex week of beautiful things.

    God bless.


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