Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Hunt—"spicy"

When I think 'spicy,' I think of Indian food.
And when I think 'Indian food,' I think of
Jackson Heights, in Queens.  When I was little
we lived there, but back then it was about as far from
eclectic as you could possibly get.  Sixty years later, it's
a vibrant ethnic neighborhood with the best
Indian food (imho) in the five boroughs.

[To see more things that are spicy, visit Sandi's meme.]


  1. Indian food can indeed be plenty spicy but in terms of "heat", have to say that Thai and Sichuanese foods are the spiciest to me!

  2. I've found myself eating a lot more Indian food lately, Alexa... I still haven't increased my heat tolerance but little by little, I might manage to eek it up a few notches. And I trust all of your recommendations without reservation ~ this looks very fine.

  3. Indian food is something we can't find in this neck of the woods... but it is my first stop when in London.
    Thanks for Spicing up The Saturday PhotoHunt.

  4. I love Indian food and especially the spicy dishes.

  5. This is my place! I'll make sure to go next time around. Thanks for the tip.


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