Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Hunt—"fresh"

Unless you go out and catch it yourself,
you won't find fish much fresher than
here at Venice's Rialto market—and they
take the trouble to arrange it nicely too!

[To see more that's fresh, visit Sandi's meme.]


  1. And I'm not likely to go out and catch it myself, so I'm very grateful for excellent fishmongers. Arranged nicely, photographed even more nicely. Have a beautiful weekend, Alexa.

  2. And, like Genie in Paris and Beyond reminded us, it's Poisson d'avril tomorrow.... Love these eyes...

  3. Catching is fine, cooking is worse :-)
    Do I sound too male? :-)

  4. Very nice arrangement indeed :-)

    fresh ~

  5. Love the colors and the way you framed that photo. And the iridescence of the fish scales shine.

  6. What a catch!
    I love wandering through the market in Venice.
    Thanks for keeping things Fresh at The Saturday PhotoHunt.
    I hope to see y'all next Saturday... it'll be awesome~


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