Monday, March 19, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday

I took this picture this past weekend, and a quick
look at my photo archives tells me that a year
ago I was snapping shots of the newly blooming
daffodils in mid-April.  Do you suppose
 they'll be popping up in February next year?

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  1. So bright, so Spring! Just what I needed with it being like winter here today.

  2. I love that panorama shot you are using in your banner.

    Daffodils in February! Well, that is a distinct possibility.

    Those yellows can brighten up any season (or blog!).

  3. For sure they won't be blooming here next February. Still no sign of green!! These cheer me up.

  4. ah SPRING!!! lovely daffodils :)visiting from Mellow Yellow.

  5. They are lovely flowers!

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)

  6. beautiful yellow pretty indeed!!! Visiting from MYM, hope that you can return a yellow visit too.


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