Sunday, December 31, 2017

All I want in 2018 . . .

is this bright yellow vintage 2CV—and I don't even drive!
(And yet, the road is still mine—go figure.)   
In case you missed it, I recently retired.  That means 
I have more time to travel and I plan to do just 
that.  Which means that I need to back off this blog a bit.  
I've been doing it for nine and a half years now and it's 
been a total labor of love.  But I think we're all 
a bit "blogged out" at this point.  So for now I'll blog 
when I have something to blog about and
I hope you'll come by from time to time ( please do!).

{Meanwhile, I'll also be around on Instagram—
can't lie, I'm a bit addicted.  Find me
@brooklynalexa, and on Facebook as well.}

And Happy New Year to all of my wonderful blog pals!

[Today I'm linking back to Shadow Shot Sunday.]


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