Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday mural

I love this large mural, which I found in Paris—
don't remember exactly where it is,
but somewhere in the 3rd Arrondissement.
Also don't know what it means, but
I could come up with a couple of scenarios.
What do you think?

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  1. Corner of Rue Etienne Marcel and Rue de Turbigo.

    I may have a soundtrack for it. But after understanding the actual scenario going on I have changed my mind.


    Princess Ann is now a commoner with no royal obligations because the monarchy of her country has recently been abolished after some major civil unrest. She is free as a bird, with few obligations, and having a ball checking out the City of Lights by herelf. She hears strains of beautiful music in the air and turns right to descend a marble staircase that leads nearer to the lovely sounds.

    Joe Bradley quit his position with Vespa in Italy as head sales rep. He has written a screen play for a movie about an extraordinary experience he shared with someone he rescued and spent time with in Rome when he was a newspaper reporter. He has an appointment to show his screenplay to a friend writing with the Paris Review who knows William Wyler. He hasn’t had time to edit the script down yet. It is thick and heavy. He has been hauling it around Paris in a suitcase.

    A couple of busking classical musicians block the path he planned to take, and so he turns left up a long set of marble stairs. He looks up to see how much farther he has to go. Guess who he sees coming down, waving at him from the top of the stairs.

    1. TG—I knew this was rue de Turbigo, but couldn't remember exactly where (and was apparently too lazy to find out—so thanks). Your scenario is way more imaginative than mine.

  2. What a fabulous mural, those steps look so real.

  3. The juxtaposition between the three stories of windows and the much higher four flights of stairs was what first caught my eye.
    Love Tall Gary's story!

  4. It's a long hard climb to welcoming arms. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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