Monday, August 14, 2017

Rise Above

This is the work of Shepard Fairey, the artist
who created the Obama "Hope" poster.
His intention was to make a positive image for
the people passing by this East Village
corner (at 1st Ave. & 11th St.), especially the
kids coming and going from the
local elementary school. (His model is his
 daughter, when she was three.)

[Linking back to Monday Mural
at Oakland Daily Photo.]


  1. Frank has an extensive Wiki page. It is disconcerting to realize that someone born decades after myself is middle-aged (and a success). I like his Led Zeppelin poster. I also like how the kind of filigree black section above adds interesting contrast. It is good that he used his daughter in the image up there. That way he can avoid putting in 300 hours of community service plus a $25,000 fine like for his Obama Hope plagiarism.

    I’m not sure if I agree with the “Rise Above” message, although I like where it comes from. It implies that we should be somewhere we aren’t. I think Stay Above It might be better.

    Have you tried any of the Little Tong rice mixian noodle dishes? Their menu looked worth a flight to the right coast. The NY Times take was interesting.

    1. Have not been to Little Tong yet (was passing by on my way to have some Middle Eastern food)—but I will!

  2. Nice one. There are a lot of his works here in Berlin too. I love his style!

  3. The radiating lines remind me of old Mao posters. The child adds a sweetness to the composition. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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