Tuesday, June 6, 2017

snacks in Venice

Stopping in at one of my fave places in Venice
 first came here 46 years ago!) for
an ombra bianco or a spritz con Aperol
and some tasty cicchetti.

[Linking back to Ruby Tuesday
and Our World Tuesday.]


  1. Looks to be lovely refreshments. I will drink to that.

  2. Shades of my favorite Venetian detective, Commissario Guido Brunetti (Donna Leon). Believe this is where I first read about a spritz and cicchetti. Your trip sounded marvelous!

    1. Love Commissario Brunetti! Just finished the latest (Earthly Remains) before I landed in Venice.

  3. At one point several years ago, on Colin Firth's Wikipedia page, under filmography, it showed that he was scheduled to play the beloved Commissario in a planned movie, but alas, the role of King George came along and the Commissario went down the tube. I envision Colin Firth as the perfect actor to play that role (he's even fluent in Italian), and now as each new book comes out (I have read every one of them), Colin Firth's is the face I see as I'm reading. Too bad Ms. Leon only writes one book per year, but it's always a book to look forward to.


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